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Author: Dr. Robert G Maunder // 12/23/2015

This coursework is intended to accompany a lecture and laboratory series that introduces the syntax and operation of Matlab, possibly at the beginning of a master-level degree course on communications engineering. Owing to this, the coursework is specifically designed to have relevance to communication engineers, granting them the ability to use Matlab to design, simulate and characterize communication systems. The coursework assumes no prior knowledge or experience in communication engineering or Matlab, but is designed to be interesting and challenging to students that do have this knowledge or experience. The coursework considers the most relevant aspects of Matlab, namely matrix manipulation, programming, Monte Carlo simulation and... Read More >>

Author: Mr. Eric Hamke, Mr. Anees Abrol, Dr. Ramiro Jordan // 12/04/2015

The students at the University of New Mexico Electrical and Computer Engineering Department are using an integrated set of lectures and labs to better understand basic communications systems. The lectures are based on the textbook by Ziemer and Tranter, Principles of Communications - Systems, Modulation, and Noise.

The labs are written with the idea that the students not only need to make measurements, but also learn how to write their own Virtual Instruments (VIs) supporting the modulation schemes being studied. The first lab will include a demo where the USRPs are used to transmit and receive. The students will have a chance to setup the radios and gain experience with USRP interface Input/Output. The review will... Read More >>